Girls Lead: Ending Child Marriage during COVID-19

Tawhida Haq Mitu, a young woman in Bangladesh who has participated in a CARE training programme

Governments, NGOs, and society at large must work towards the end of child marriage, but it is also critical to recognise the power of girls to lead the way to end this practice in their own communities. UNFPA estimates that 13 million more child marriages could take place by 2030 than would have prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, programmes that work to end child marriage are unable to operate due to shelter-in-place directives. However, girl activists, within their own communities, are able to subversively challenge the norms and attitudes that put them at risk for child marriage.

In this new blog on CARE Insights, CARE’s Tipping Point Initiative, explains how it trained girl activists and their communities earlier this year and continues to remotely support girl-led change.

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