Our Local Partners


Local solutions to respond to needs of the communities where we work are necessary for a sustainable end to child marriage. CARE Tipping Point project partners with locally-based organizations to reach communities, empower adolescent girls, and change gendered social norms. In Phase 2, Tipping Point is pleased to work with partners who bring years of experience in Tipping Point communities to our collaborative effort.

Siddartha Samuyadayik Samaj

SSS web_0Founded in 2001, SSS’s vision is a fair and equitable society, and their mission is to create social and economic and health empowerment for women to change their status in society. SSS currently has programming in 20 VDCs, with partnerships with CARE, World Vision, the United Mission, and local and national federations. SSS’s areas of expertise are WASH, anti-trafficking, education, gender awareness, women’s empowerment.

Dalit Social Development CenterDSDC logo web

DSDC’s vision is to promote a self-reliant and dignified Dalit society, with a mission to mobilize Dalits in a participatory way and to facilitate their access to and control over local resources. They also work to inform community groups of their rights and facilitate their access to rights and resources by linking them to local networks and governments. Their priority groups are the poorest of the poor, poor, vulnerable, and socially excluded women, illiterates, and minority ethnic groups, as well as areas that are more rural and less aware of girls’ and Dalits’ rights.

Jaintia Shinnomul SongsthaJASHIS web  

JASHIS is a non-profit organization based in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh. JASHIS conducts most of its work through a participatory approach that considers everyone’s perspective. JASHIS values providing everyone with an opportunity to participate in the planning process, and a role in decision making. JASHIS has gathered knowledge and skill through extensive training on PRA tools and the team
applies their learning during all stages of a project.


Gram Bikash Kendra-GBK is a local level non-profit development organization. GBK grew from a youth organization formed by a group of socially motivated young people. They had observed that large sectors of their community were being excluded from the mainstream economic and social development in post-liberation Bangladesh. In these circumstances, GBK was initiated to work as an enabling force to assist to address people’s need. GBK has become a fully accredited NGO, working as an enabling force for a vulnerable section of the community – particularly women, children, and indigenous people. GBK continues to focus on achieving social change. GBK has a team of committed and experienced staff who provides technical, agricultural, social and motivational assistance to the rural poor communities to enable them to meet their basic needs.