CARE has developed new and strong relationships with a diverse range of actors – donors, policymakers, researchers, activists, I/NGOs in national and international arenas for action on child marriage. Tipping Point’s influence strategy seeks to use learning and documentation from field experience to support action by local, national, and global coalitions, activists, and decision-makers’ against child marriage. Advocacy efforts extend beyond a focus on formal policies – such as age of marriage laws – to include efforts to influence social and cultural institutions that drive gender discrimination and contribute to child marriage.

USG Advocacy

CARE co-chairs the Girls Not Brides USA (GNB USA), a leading US based coalition which is part of the Girls Not Brides Global Network. Over the past year, GNB and CARE have engaged strategically with key US Government (USG) officials through meetings, events, and key moments to encourage implementation of financial and policy commitments to prevent child marriage and support married adolescents.

Key Activities Accomplished in Coalition with Girls Not Brides & International Women’s Health Coalition
  • Developed and disseminated a detailed policy brief outlining steps the USG government could take to integrate child marriage prevention and response into key development sectors and diplomatic efforts

Global Discourse on Child Marriage

Another goal of the project is to broaden the discourse amongst donors, researchers, and policy makers beyond focusing only on education and poverty and towards addressing root causes, tackling social norms, addressing issues of sexuality, applying a comprehensive approach and addressing the needs of married girls. As such, Tipping Point plans to document and disseminate research and programming findings amongst a broad audience to help expand the conversation.