August/September Tipping Point Round Up

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August-September 2016 Tipping Point Round Up

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CPA Report Launch in CARE Bangladesh
On August 13, 2016, the Tipping Point team in Bangladesh organized a well-attended event in Dhaka to share the findings of the Tipping Point Community Participatory Analyses (CPA) Report with national-level stakeholders.

CREA training with BD team
CREA conducted a training on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender, Sexuality, and Rights for the Tipping Point team from Bangladesh in Kathmandu from the 3rd of August to 7th of August 2016. 17 team members from the Tipping Point project, Oikko project (Injectable drug users project) and GFIDU (Garment factory workers project) project participated in the training. The objectives of the training were to ensure participants’ understanding on gender and sexuality as distinct but interconnected systems of power, reflect on sexuality and its various intersectionalities, to develop strategies for including gender and sexuality in existing work and to develop themselves as facilitators to conduct similar sessions with the Field and Community facilitators.

BD Team’s Learning Visit to Nepal
A two day visit was organized for 7 participants from the Bangladesh team who met the partner staff, shared enthusiasm, innovations and challenges to learn from each other. The Bangladesh team was able to observe a stitching competition, a meeting with adolescent boys and girls and a coordination meeting with the VDC and School Management Committee where the partner facilitated a session from the GED package and showed a video followed by a discussion.

The National Girl Child day on September 30th in Bangladesh
In celebration of the National Girl Child day, Sept 30 in Bangladesh, the TP team celebrated by having Community Dialogue on issues of investment on girls and benefit of delayed marriage, Art Competition and Debate competition, Rally, Discussion on the importance of Celebrating Girl Child day, Games on roles of men and women in household chores and work outside home.

Amra o korchi Campaign in Bangladesh
CARE Bangladesh Tipping Point team initiated a campaign called ‘aamra o korchi’. To promote gender equality, the campaign kicked off on the eve of the National Girl Child Day to be continued as a month long series of events from the 29th September to 29th October in all 30 primary villages of Sunamgonj. Men and boys came forward to show that they too take equal responsibilities for household chores in 4 events two for each all primary village from both the partner organizations’ area in September.

Phase 2 Planning Meeting
In mid-August the Tipping Point teams from Nepal, Bangladesh and the US came together in Bangkok, Thailand to talk about and plan for Phase 2 of the project. During the meeting we developed and agreed upon an overall initial conceptual design framework and country-specific priorities for each team; generated an initial set up for Phase 2 across country teams; and mapped a proposed timelines and process for proposal development and submissions.

Quarterly Review Reflection Meeting in Bangladesh and Nepal
CARE and partner staff joined together for quarterly review and reflection meetings, held in Butwal, Nepal August 29-31 and at FIVDB Training Center in Bangladesh September 4-7.
Tipping Point staff including Center Volunteers, Social Mobilizers, Group Facilitators have been gathering “outcome stories” as part of the outcome mapping monitoring process. During the quarterly review and reflection meetings, the teams analyzed the overall patterns in the outcome stories gathered so far in each context.

European Evaluation Society Conference (EES) in Maastricht, The Netherlands
On September 30, 2016 Tipping Point MEL staff Elizabeth Brezovich (CARE USA) and Prokriti Nokrek (CARE Bangladesh) presented about Tipping Point’s experience with Outcome Mapping at the European Evaluation Society conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Elizabeth and Prokriti shared about the challenges and successes of using “taggings” within the outcome story collection and reflection process.

Child Marriage and Sexuality Pre-event at AWID International Forum [Bahia, Brazil]
CARE co-sponsored an interactive session exploring empowerment, sexuality and girls’ rights through movement with theater in collaboration with Body Wise. TP team staff Ayushma Basnyat from CARE Nepal; Dhana Kumari Chaudhary Tharu from SSS, a partner organization of CARE Nepal; and Suraiya Sultana from ASD, a partner organization of CARE Bangladesh; Rawnak Jahan from CARE Bangladesh; and Nidal Karim from CARE USA participated as speakers.


Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) Report Release

41 experts in the field of adolescent development and sexuality programs gathered in New York on March 8-9, 2016, to discuss the control of sexuality in the context of CEFM. Participants—who included local, national and global program implementers, government representatives, philanthropic foundations, researchers and policy advocates—brought extensive and diverse expertise on the issues of sexuality and CEFM. The two-day meeting was hosted by American Jewish World Service (AJWS), CARE USA, International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), and GreeneWorks and held at Open Society Foundations.

To read the full report click the link below:

CEFM Report

CPA Launch in Bangladesh

The results of the Tipping Point Community Participatory Analyses (CPA) Report were released in Bangladesh this week on August 13th. The release involved a meeting including the State Minister for Women and Children’s Affairs, Meher Afroze Chumki, and the CARE Bangladesh Assistant Country Director, Arshad Muhammad.

17 national daily and Bangla newspapers covered the launch event along with 5 TV channels and 5 online newspapers. Below are links to some of the media coverage in Bangla and English:

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BSS – Comprehensive planning, investment demanded to combat child marriage – English

The Daily Prothom Alo: Child Marriage is one of the major stumbling blocks for development – Bangla

Poriborton – Bangla

Jamuna News – Bangla

Everyone Can Play Football

On March 21, 2016, CARE Tipping Point Project arranged an all girls football match in Dowarabazar upazila in the Sunamgani District of Bangladesh. Adolescent girls from Pandargon union and Mannargaon union competed against each other for the first time in a sport that dominates international athletics and media.

While the Mannargaon team won by two goals, both teams were more thrilled that they were able to play. At the awards ceremony, the captain of the Pandergaon team said, “Although we lost the game, I am thankful to my teammates for their efforts. I played football for the first time.” Football is more than just a fun sport; it is also a way to engage youth in their communities. Upazila Nirbahi Officer and special guest at the football match, Saiful Islam, said, “Playing games makes the mind fresh. If a teenager is engaged in games, he/she will not be involved in child marriages, drug addictions, or eve-teasing.”

The excitement and encouragement contributed to a positive environment for the girls, the coaches, and the onlookers. Even the audience enjoyed the game cheering on both teams, and the girls who played in this match now have even bigger dreams. They want to play on a national level.

This story was originally documented by Nahida Arefin Nitu, CARE Bangladesh.